The Infinite Tower of Turtles; The Guru; Susan; And Getting High as Shit

Science: The most grandiose and flamboyant flag ship on the planet. How amaze-ballz Science is. It's the truth! It's reality! Right...? Or is it more of a social club of turtle stacking enthusiasts?   A conversation between the student and his guru [Student]: Hey doc? What the hell is carrying this big, flat earth? I … Continue reading The Infinite Tower of Turtles; The Guru; Susan; And Getting High as Shit

The Awesome Evolution of Self-Love To Self-Hate

What's up reader! Here's a short story about this thing you'd call my life. Sit back and get a head ache. I was 22. My heart was shitty. I thought I would die on a few occasions. I didn't. I changed some life style things and it all worked out. Then I had a revelation … Continue reading The Awesome Evolution of Self-Love To Self-Hate

Death: Your Best Poetic Pal

Tell me something true I dare you to... Whatever words you speak I will know that you're lying! How could you ever tell the truth when the means you are applying Is made of air; when existence itself is a lion Every word you utter will be clawed away Decay is all that you can … Continue reading Death: Your Best Poetic Pal

What Is Reality?

Reality is a story; a belief about something; it's a fairy tale; a religion; and everyone is a part of this sect, so it's cool; it's not weird. Until you break it down, at least... You want to know what's true? What's real? Consider this: In the seen exists the seen In the heard exists … Continue reading What Is Reality?

What Is “Spirituality” Actually?

I'm always a bit cautious to use the word spirituality, since it's so poorly defined: Some people use the word to refer to their spirit, or soul. Whatever it may be, it's easy to negate the word with religion, dogma and weird stuff; unscientific stuff. This we can't have here at the Scientific Meditator network, y'all! So what … Continue reading What Is “Spirituality” Actually?