The Infinite Tower of Turtles; The Guru; Susan; And Getting High as Shit

Science: The most grandiose and flamboyant flag ship on the planet. How amaze-ballz Science is. It's the truth! It's reality! Right...? Or is it more of a social club of turtle stacking enthusiasts?   A conversation between the student and his guru [Student]: Hey doc? What the hell is carrying this big, flat earth? I … Continue reading The Infinite Tower of Turtles; The Guru; Susan; And Getting High as Shit

The Awesome Evolution of Self-Love To Self-Hate

What's up reader! Here's a short story about this thing you'd call my life. Sit back and get a head ache. I was 22. My heart was shitty. I thought I would die on a few occasions. I didn't. I changed some life style things and it all worked out. Then I had a revelation … Continue reading The Awesome Evolution of Self-Love To Self-Hate

What Is Reality?

Reality is a story; a belief about something; it's a fairy tale; a religion; and everyone is a part of this sect, so it's cool; it's not weird. Until you break it down, at least... You want to know what's true? What's real? Consider this: In the seen exists the seen In the heard exists … Continue reading What Is Reality?

What Is “Spirituality” Actually?

I'm always a bit cautious to use the word spirituality, since it's so poorly defined: Some people use the word to refer to their spirit, or soul. Whatever it may be, it's easy to negate the word with religion, dogma and weird stuff; unscientific stuff. This we can't have here at the Scientific Meditator network, y'all! So what … Continue reading What Is “Spirituality” Actually?

The Hard Problem Is…Soft And Upside Down?

Have you ever heard of the "Hard problem"? The Hard problem is a popularized name for the struggle it is to fathom how conscious reality emerges from the physical world around us; It specifically comes down to how electrons moving around in our brain can give rise to our subjective, phenomenal experiences of taste, touch, … Continue reading The Hard Problem Is…Soft And Upside Down?

Why Do I Meditate?

I normally spend an hour every morning and an hour every evening meditating; 2 hours in total every day! - That's an awful lot of time spent mediating! At least one should be able to say exactly why this time isn't spent doing other awesome things... It all comes down to what meditation yields the … Continue reading Why Do I Meditate?

Time = Movement (Ft. Einstein’s Dream)

Time is considered a linear, constant, fundamental, physical parameter that we so obviously can observe. And we feel very certain about what time is; we feel like we really, truly know what time is. Right? But when one really investigates it, time can show itself to be totally illusive, lending itself to being all kinds of things which … Continue reading Time = Movement (Ft. Einstein’s Dream)