Why Do I Meditate?

I normally spend an hour every morning and an hour every evening meditating; 2 hours in total every day! - That's an awful lot of time spent mediating! At least one should be able to say exactly why this time isn't spent doing other awesome things... It all comes down to what meditation yields the … Continue reading Why Do I Meditate?

Time = Movement (Ft. Einstein’s Dream)

Time is considered a linear, constant, fundamental, physical parameter that we so obviously can observe. And we feel very certain about what time is; we feel like we really, truly know what time is. Right? But when one really investigates it, time can show itself to be totally illusive, lending itself to being all kinds of things which … Continue reading Time = Movement (Ft. Einstein’s Dream)

Understanding Happiness Fully: And How To Get It!

The Scientific Meditator has one special goal in mind, one which he wishes to obtain with all the hours he spends on the meditation cushion. This goal is simply to become truly happy! In order to be successful on this quest towards happiness, it seems necessary to ask the question: "What is happiness?" Only then … Continue reading Understanding Happiness Fully: And How To Get It!