Guided Meditation For Insight

In my eyes, insight meditation has one firm and concrete objective: To gain insight into the no-self nature of reality. But many paths lead to this destination, and in my experience it may well be a gradual process to learn how to see this truth in everything. Gaining insight into the reality of emptiness and … Continue reading Guided Meditation For Insight

Enlightenment: The most pointless shit

When I was into spiritual stuff, I never really knew exactly what I wanted out of it. It just felt so right at the time and I was so compelled to continue down that road, where ever it led me. Of course I was quickly familiarized with the concept of Enlightenment, and this was often times the … Continue reading Enlightenment: The most pointless shit

What Comes After Spiritual Searching?

I'm done with meditation. I'm done with self-inquiry. I'm done with trying to figure it out. For three years I meditated for an average of 2 hours every day. I went on four 10-day meditation retreats in total silence with 10+ hours of meditation per day. I explored new-agey popular "spiritual practices" such as lucid … Continue reading What Comes After Spiritual Searching?