The Infinite Tower of Turtles; The Guru; Susan; And Getting High as Shit

Science: The most grandiose and flamboyant flag ship on the planet. How amaze-ballz Science is. It's the truth! It's reality! Right...? Or is it more of a social club of turtle stacking enthusiasts?   A conversation between the student and his guru [Student]: Hey doc? What the hell is carrying this big, flat earth? I … Continue reading The Infinite Tower of Turtles; The Guru; Susan; And Getting High as Shit

The Hard Problem Is…Soft And Upside Down?

Have you ever heard of the "Hard problem"? The Hard problem is a popularized name for the struggle it is to fathom how conscious reality emerges from the physical world around us; It specifically comes down to how electrons moving around in our brain can give rise to our subjective, phenomenal experiences of taste, touch, … Continue reading The Hard Problem Is…Soft And Upside Down?

Time = Movement (Ft. Einstein’s Dream)

Time is considered a linear, constant, fundamental, physical parameter that we so obviously can observe. And we feel very certain about what time is; we feel like we really, truly know what time is. Right? But when one really investigates it, time can show itself to be totally illusive, lending itself to being all kinds of things which … Continue reading Time = Movement (Ft. Einstein’s Dream)

Paradoxes 101: What is a paradox?

[Image Source] When practicing Vipassana meditation you essentially practice to see things as they really are. This requires your way of looking to change quite a bit from the ordinary. And when looking in this altered way, paradoxes emerge. Following is a list of paradoxes that I intend to delve into in upcoming posts: - … Continue reading Paradoxes 101: What is a paradox?

The Ego Explained

The word "ego" is in my experience a very misunderstood word. People generally have a very different, and very surface level, understanding of this word when they use it in everyday language. Take for instance the phrase: "That guy has a big ego", which is commonly said of someone who puts a lot of emphasize … Continue reading The Ego Explained

You create your own suffering

I know that what the title says here sounds highly provocative, because you are after all not responsible for most events that may cause you to suffer, like having your wallet stolen, getting bullied or getting struck by lightning. These are all things that are out of your control and no one can blame you if … Continue reading You create your own suffering

Do I have free will?

Exactly this question, was what initially triggered me to start investigating my mind through daily meditation, philosophizing and contemplating seriously. I had been thinking a bit about it for a few days in a row, which resulted in an all night long discussion with a friend when I came over for dinner during those days. After … Continue reading Do I have free will?