Play: The ultimate scientific endeavour

Scene and Setting In a research organisation, somewhere in the states, the scientist Brian is going about his day. He pours chemicals in beakers, measures stuff on a scale, writes down numbers he reads off of metal boxes with red numbers on them.. you know, sciencey stuff. Brian wears a white lab coat and protective … Continue reading Play: The ultimate scientific endeavour

Understanding Happiness Fully: And How To Get It!

The Scientific Meditator has one special goal in mind, one which he wishes to obtain with all the hours he spends on the meditation cushion. This goal is simply to become truly happy! In order to be successful on this quest towards happiness, it seems necessary to ask the question: "What is happiness?" Only then … Continue reading Understanding Happiness Fully: And How To Get It!

Do I have free will?

Exactly this question, was what initially triggered me to start investigating my mind through daily meditation, philosophizing and contemplating seriously. I had been thinking a bit about it for a few days in a row, which resulted in an all night long discussion with a friend when I came over for dinner during those days. After … Continue reading Do I have free will?