About The Scientific Meditator


I’m the guy behind the Scientific Meditator, stopping by to let you know a few things about me and what this site is about!

My name is Christian Stillhoff, I am a Danish physics engineering student, a serious meditator, and a health and fitness/body enthusiast. Aside from being these awesome things, I also plan to achieve great levels of success in this world; become a meditation teacher, make beautiful movies, write amazing blogs and books and make a fortune off of trading stocks. These are the over all stats – but there is more!

I have a side that’s concerned with something a lot different than the over all stats of my life and which direction this lump of flesh happens to be moving in at any particular time. But of course, in this world these stats are considered quite important. And I do too consider my over all stats important, but this site is not about caressing for this over all part of me. This site is to caress my deeper, philosophical, highly scientific and curious nature about the big questions in life. And I am talking about the biggest of questions in life. The GRAND BAZONGA’S of our existence, if you will.
(I just made that saying up, but it sounds large, odd and amazing, doesn’t it? Well, that’s what I’m concerned with: The grand bazongas of life!)

If you’re here, I take it that you may also be interested in the biggest of questions in life. But people like you are rare to come by. In addition, it’s rare to see that side of people, even if they have it. You mostly see people’s social roles, their persona (ego), and you get to know their over all stats. Perhaps there are a few little extras here and there, like some things about people that you can only know if you’ve known them for a while or if you happen to bond on some higher-than-normal level.

But in my whole life, I’ve met just a handful of people or so, where I’ve bonded, or clicked, with them on a higher level. And even when that has happened, I have so rarely been able to transfer any really juicy insight that I had, to this person. Simply because these insights, and especially the most interesting of them all, are difficult to articulate and pass on.

This brings me to revealing the purpose of this site:

This site is dedicated to the practice of passing on insights about the grand bazongas in life!

I will obviously have to start small. For instance I have started out writing about what the ego is. And this is a good topic and I believe that this is already some pretty high level shit for most people – because, again, people who seek to extract the grand bazonga juices of our existence are hard to come by! And when these non-bazonga-seeking people hear about something which is dedicated to extracting these juices, they think it sounds fancy right away because it is not their usual domain.

But, needless to mention to you (but here we go anyway): When a person that really wants to seek deep insights about life, a topic like “what is the ego?” is pretty damn basic. It equals to be aspring to be a university physics professor, but starting out teaching kinder garden kids how to count how many milk teeth they’ve lost.

Accordingly, I have a long way to go – but the journey that is ahead of me has plenty of meaning. When brewing answers for the big questions in life, all the smaller or less-bazongous questions have to be answered anyway! Just like you can’t build a house without the basement..you know? Or like you can’t have dessert before you have dinner..wait, that was a bad example, I just had ice cream for breakfast! LOL! But you get my drift, I’m sure.

So now that you know what the purpose of this site is, you can subscribe and we can become bazonga buddies! That means you get an email every time I upload a new brew of my latest delicious bazonga meaning-of-life juices!

Alternatively, you can stop by every now and then over the next 100 years (who knows how long this will exist?!) and see if there’s a topic that finally challenges the perimeter of your current understanding of existence itself!

That will be all for this introduction. Now go delve into the answers to life in my posts!