Fuck Your Morals

I don’t have morals anymore. I don’t believe anything is right and wrong, but I know that everything is. Just is. Nothing else. Not good. Not bad. It just is…. And the moment we try to conclude something about that which just is (e.g. “good” or “bad”), we inevitably pretend it’s more than that.

Who am I to judge, in a completely black and white manner, whether for instance murder is always good or bad? Or whether theft, lying or hating is always good or bad? Who knows, maybe those things can act in totally wonderful ways in the sense of a larger picture.

Maybe hate inspires passion, commitment and purpose.

Maybe a murder inspires love and compassion.

Maybe getting your shit taken teaches you appreciation for the shit you’ve still got left.

Who the fuck knows?

I know that I don’t. I definitely can’t say that some things are just right or wrong, as if it was that simple. But the thing is that everyone seems to have morals anyway, right? Why?!

I used to have morals: Very clear cut ideas about what was right and wrong pertaining to humans, and especially pertaining to myself. From this experience with having morals, I know a thing or two about why having morals is a super idiotic thing.

Having morals is idiotic, simply because it implies that you think you know how the world works, or at least you have some belief of how it should work. But you definitely don’t.

Perhaps you hold the belief that stealing is bad, just to take an example. (Thus you have morals!). Let me ask you: Why is stealing wrong?

I’ll cut to the chase and answer the question myself here. The answer is, that stealing is not wrong. But it is uncomfortable, or at least it can be in several ways.

Stealing can feel bad for both the victim and the culprit. The victim can feel bad that his shit is gone, and the culprit can get a bad conscience. In addition to that he can get thrown in jail or get his hand cut off if he gets caught.

The bottom line is that, most likely, there will be uncomfortable emotions resulting from stealing. And as you know, whether you know that you know it or not, we humans tend to give quite some importance to our feelings. We think the universe revolves around our emotions.

So when we get a bad conscience about something we’ve done, we don’t just think that it feels bad. We think that it is bad! As if that’s just how it is in the whole universe.

But we all deep down know that the universe doesn’t give a flying crap about human emotions. For starters, we know that the universe in quite a lot of years from now, will make the Sun swell up and swallow the entire planet Earth along with all life on it. How fucking brutal is that? I mean, can you honestly even think about anything more god-damn horrendous than all life getting incinerated alive, all at once?! And that’s Mother Nature we’re talking about here. (Wasn’t she supposed to be nice and life-loving?) Well, there goes another stupid belief about how the world works straight out the window.

In conclusion to this little rant about morals, it’s safe to say that they are based off of beliefs about how things should and should not be, when in reality humans haven’t got a fucking clue about what is “supposed to happen” anyway.

In stead, morals are a kind of rules which are based off of the emotions we may feel when we do various stuff.

This means, that even though I have no morals, I still don’t go out and kill people, just because I don’t think it would be wrong. For I don’t. But fuck! It would be uncomfortable as hell, so why exactly would I do it, regardless of what I believe about such an action?

I might get the worst conscience ever, as well as go to jail. I don’t need a belief about right or wrong to tell me to stay away from that shit. No thanks!

And for the record. I think it’s perfectly moral in the eyes of most, to go and pee on an electric fence. But holy shit it will hurt if we do. Murder is the same way (although there most certainly are exceptions).

How ridiculous would it be to include abstinence from peeing on electric fences in our list of moral do’s and don’t’s?

Well, that’s how ridiculous I think any set of moral guidelines are. So fuck your morals!

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