Why Meditate?

Why brush your teeth?

Why walk your dog?

Why eat ice cream?

Why do anything at all?

Why meditate…?!


The reason for any of these things is simply…simple. Or at least, it could be simple if we didn’t make it brain-strainingly complex…

The answer to any of these above questions is best given as another question: Why not?

We eat ice cream because we can. We see that it gives us something good; a pleasant sensation; a lubricant for social interactions at the beach; whatever. The point is that we like it so why not? Is there really any specific thing that we can point out that further justifies our indulgence in this cold, creamy, delicious, godly slurp?

With meditation it’s the same thing. We may like that we learn how to relax better; be more balanced; be more in the moment; more peaceful; more compassionate; more airy-fairy; whatever rosy junk we are fans of.

So why not?

I can say from experience that meditation can alter the very person you are. And it’s possible to alter this persona for the better (or for the worse for that matter).

It’s possible to alter our person towards becoming one of more joy, peacefulness, tranquility, compassion. Airy-fairy. All that crap. “Better”, you know. Whatever that means.

And if you’re into that, like you may be into eating ice cream, then why not? Seriously: Why not?


So there you have it: Meditation is like ice cream. I said it.

The reason for describing this otherwise serious practice in this loose, nonchalant manner, is to really rub it in:

Meditation should not be some tool for further weaving a web of beliefs, false-truths, ideas and dogmas about what is right or wrong.

When you think that you are doing something “good”; something “spiritual”; something “right”, you are just fucking yourself over; weaving another belief about how this world you live in works.

Meditation should rid you of your beliefs, all of them, not provide you with more of them.

Meditation should provide you with clear-sight of what is; not your complex (and inevitably false) interpretations.

Truth is, finally, that “good” is just another belief; so is “spiritual”; “right”; and so on.

Be honest: The reality you live in wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if the entire planet blew up in a third world-war; or if a supernova from somewhere else in the galaxy swallowed us up; or even if you murdered a thousand children with a glorious smile on your face.

So, in the face of objective reality, if there ever was such a thing; how can you pretend that what you do, cross legged or not is any different than eating ice cream. (Or jerking off. Same story anyway.) Call it good or bad or pretend it’s in the name of God or Enlightenment and see who cares.

Now, I’m not saying that it would be any fun murdering a thousand children. It would definitely, most likely, suck. And it’s pretty unlikely that you could be keeping up that glorious smile.

My point is that whatever idea you have about meditation; whatever “good” you think you’re doing; whatever “spiritual”; “righteous”; “enlightening” stuff you think you get out of it, it’s just another face of Maya; illusion; not-truth.

But let’s continue to be real. You may want it. Like you may want ice cream. In the plain light of that, and by all means: Meditate away! Don’t let me stop you. Just don’t fool yourself as to why you do it: You want your dream-life to be more comfortable. So you eat ice cream and meditate.

And as I said before: Meditation should rid you of beliefs. All of them. Even the idea that you are becoming a better person. Even if you are becoming the most peaceful, serene and compassionate person on the planet; you’d still be a person and therefore not realizing the truth of no-self.

And that’s all fine and all. But let’s call a spade a spade. And let’s realize that meditation is just ice cream. It’s all good.

And let’s realize that the idea that meditating in order to become realized; to loose our selves, would definitely not leave us as any compassionate, loving, goody-goody person.

Those words are mere notions of something which you would have lost all reference too in any regards, should you ever realize any truth; they are mere persona characteristics.

But nothing you can believe is true.

So why meditate? Because you want ice cream. What more can I say?

You could of course go meditate and become this spiritual guy/gal and join the rest of the many millions of people who spend their entire lives chasing all-encompassing compassion and love and enlightenment; but who all clearly fails. Miserably.

Now go and throw all other ideas you have about it in the bin where they belong with all your other beliefs.

And by all means, enjoy the ice cream while there’s still someone there to enjoy it.

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