Death: Your Best Poetic Pal

Tell me something true
I dare you to…
Whatever words you speak I will know that you’re lying!
How could you ever tell the truth when the means you are applying
Is made of air; when existence itself is a lion

Every word you utter will be clawed away
Decay is all that you can count on; you see it every day
In the face of it all; we find our true companion

When you speak your foul words of false-truth
they are always received by the same true friend
When you dream your dream it always comes to the same end
Always certain; never to miss an appointment
Punctuality is the politeness of Kings
Truth is the halo; the very center of the cross; the angel’s wings
It’s all there is

Death is your friend, the only one you’ll ever know
But do you know? I wonder
Even if you had others, they would all become the same
reveal their true face before showing you another

What kind of price would anyone pay for this kind of certainty?
What kind of friend could ever be more true?
You don’t even know what the next second will bring you
But you know that in time you will enter the darkness
There’s no escape; you will be united

Death is always here, not just beyond the distant illusion of time
Truth is his name and “I” his cover
Blow it off and you will discover;
that friendship is a treasure like no other

Truth is in every breath; in every roll of the dice
Born of truth; what emerges is life
A child of the certain; beyond wrong and right
In the darkness exists the only light

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