What Is Reality?

Reality is a story; a belief about something; it’s a fairy tale; a religion; and everyone is a part of this sect, so it’s cool; it’s not weird. Until you break it down, at least…

You want to know what’s true? What’s real? Consider this:

In the seen exists the seen
In the heard exists the heard
In the smelled exists the smelled
In the felt exists the felt
In the tasted exists the tasted

Anything else is fiction, a fairy tale written; the words being these basic components of all you ever experienced; being hammered away on an imaginary key board by imaginary monkeys, forever typing away. Or heck…I have no idea where it really comes from, but nevertheless: Here it is; your reality. Please enjoy.

The mechanics which makes it seem like there is more to it than this, are along these lines: Either one of these five fundamental units of reality pop into existence. Next, you create a story about it: “It’s a part of reality”; or whatever the hell you may think. This story, you only really know as thought-words; mental fiction. Yet, you take it as a metaphor for something else; “reality”.

And you believe it. You believe that what you experience represents something more: “A world outside of your experience”; “Reality”.

Boom, that’s it. Simple words, yet difficult to grasp. But that’s how it is with this stuff. The more you talk about it, the further you get away from all you could ever know as true: Whatever is felt, heard, smelled, tasted or seen. Just do that and you’ll have arrived at the most fundamental and complete truth there exists. Easy as cake!

Pay attention and you will see: That not a moment of your life has anything else than the seen, the felt, the heard, the smelled and the tasted – A whole mess of it all, really; a lot of it going on simultaneously; hard to keep track of. Especially when you believe all of those thought-sounds in your head that narrates it all while it happens. No wonder we get carried away, jeez!

It’s a sobering insight, really. In fact, if you really get it, it will destroy your life; send you off into a bottomless pit. It will kill you and all you ever lived for. Why?

Because this insight will show you that it’s all fiction: Your dreams, desires, your relationships, your career, your past and your future. Heck, even what you believe is “I”. Your sense of self and of an existence in a reality will melt away. And what’s left is..well, just pay attention and don’t believe any stories you create about it; that’s what’s left.

Everything that you consider meaningful in your life is nothing but an act, put up by a random occurrence of sensory impressions and the thoughts we believe about it. And your ideas about all of it keeps the performance running. The show is on for as long as you believe it is. Again, please enjoy. Once you realize this, you can’t go back to it. You can’t un-see it.

And when you see that this is true – because it is; because it’s impossible of even being conscious of something which is not of the five senses – then all of it reduces to this and nothing else.

And honestly; what meaning does a mere sensory impression have? You don’t know what made it. You only have your stories about it (science, religion, “reality” and all that). It just happens, without an explanation; without any “meaning” (meaning is also a made up thing; it has no meaning to talk about meaning. LOL!).

OK, that’s all for now. Chew on it, will you?

Oh, and if you ever were interested in actually realizing this: Ask yourself “What is me” or something like that. After all, all the enlightenment-practices only work towards making you realize that “nothing is me” and “nothing is permanent”.

So get to work if you wish: Close your eyes, feel how it feels to be “me” and break it down into its basic components.

Oh, and by the way! If you are succesful: Don’t fight it. Just die already. It’s pretty amazing.

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