I Applied For Mensa Just To Convince Myself I Wasn’t Stupid…😅

Being a Scientific Meditator can be a bit lonely from time to time: For some reason, not a lot of people want to hear about these deep philosophico-practical truths of the universe.

I don’t really understand why… I mean, understanding these deep truths to life generates the most sincere and profound fascination and appreciation of life that I know of. Who wouldn’t want to participate, I wonder.

But over the years I did share a bit with some, from time to time. And I often noticed a look on the faces of my victims (he he) that told me that I must be off my rockers; plain stupid!

As quite young I noticed that people who were obviously stupid, had a tendency to think that they were actually smart. And anyhow, usually 90% or so of people tend to think that they’re above average at almost anything – But I wonder if they are all right…


Perhaps, I thought, I was actually just the average guy, or below, thinking like all average minds: That I was the shit. More so than most others, anyway.

Had I spent my entire wakeful life philosophizing to the left and right, only to arrive at illogical and false conclusions? Was that why no one got it? Was that why I got these looks accusing me of being soft in the mem-brain? LOL!

Was I in fact stupid?

I felt like crap: Both frustrated with the fact that I couldn’t explain some basic philosophical principles to my acquaintances, and anxiously starting to believe that I was actually just not as sharp as I felt I was.

I had to do something to make sure. So I signed up for an IQ admission test into Mensa and figured that if they didn’t want me, I should start working on accepting that I am an idiot.

On the other hand, if they did want me, at least I could feel a little better about myself the next time someone unwillingly let me know that they thought I was stupid by means of their facial expressions.

So I showed up, took the test, and a few weeks later I got an email which said my test results indicated that I have an IQ above 130 and therefore was invited to join their little Mensa club.

I never did join. I don’t know why I would.. Maybe I could get a Mensa bumper sticker if I did.. But I don’t have a car anyway, so I guess I’ll stay out at least until I get one.

I have to say that I don’t assign too much importance to anyone’s IQ number. And neither should anyone else. I just got this done to reassure myself in some way that I must say isn’t all that satisfying.

I mean, all I want is to have interesting conversations with people without them looking at me as if I don’t understand that I make no sense.

Oh well…

And now I can also feel happy that I’ve shared this hillarious story: I literally paid to take an IQ test in order to try and convince myself that I wasn’t stupid. How funny is that?

Have you taken a Mensa test? Are you a member? What do you think about that sort of thing? Comment down below, honey!


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