Why Do I Meditate?

I normally spend an hour every morning and an hour every evening meditating; 2 hours in total every day! – That’s an awful lot of time spent mediating! At least one should be able to say exactly why this time isn’t spent doing other awesome things…

It all comes down to what meditation yields the practitioner.

I would say two things!

1) Balance of mind, happiness, fulfillment, ease of life – It just makes living life that much more great!

2) It also is something which satiates my hunger for awesome knowledge in life. It teaches me about how the mind and body work apart, and together – It’s like the ultimate scientific quest, really.
Actually, what the practice is all about, is observing all these things that goes on in the mind and body as neutrally as one can. This means, in short, that it’s a practice in objectivity; which is nothing short of the essence of the scientific way!
So it’s a way of being “Scientifically Spiritual” (TM?) – Meaning, of course, that one gets in touch with the joy and sorrows of life much more intensely, and in a way that satisfies the rational, logical side of us as well!
Also, one learns to see things for what they really are, which is nothing personal. In stead, it’s just pure awesome; reality as it is; as it is experienced. In fact, the name “Vipassana” literally means, “To see things as they really are”.

So altogether, it just really tickles the aspect of me, as a human, that is curious and want to explore.

And also, it balances me, and makes me more robust and set for the challenges in life. And when this is the case, we can take on bigger and bigger challenges with more ease and joy.

Balance of mind is really a true recipe for success. Because no matter what, we are all going to face hard times in life. With a sound practice of meditation, these hard times may not be as hard.

In fact, if we are very proficient in how our mind and body works together, we may go through any hard times with ease and joy.

And if that’s the case – Just imagine how awesome all the rest of the time is gonna be!

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