What are you doing here?

Well, let me tell you:

You’re either here to get your mind blown, or you’re here by mistake – And I sure hope it’s the first!

Let me ask you: What happens when we realize that some fundamental assumption we’ve made about existence or life itself, turns out to be slightly different than what reality proves true? Or completely wrong, even?!

Most times we don’t even know that we’ve made such assumptions. But we always have; it’s the nature of our minds; our rational minds, always posing an answer for everything in life. True or not. Conscious or not..it doesn’t matter, the assumptions are there. They make our reality stick together. It’s our mind’s way of filling out the blanks, so to speak.

Well, what happens is that we get our minds blown. Completely. Utterly.

The first time it happened to me, I was still in kinder garden! I had no words for it then, but I may now – words which an entire post will be exclusively dedicated to. Stay tuned!

This site is dedicated to scrawl down some of this insight, such that some lucky bastard can come along and join me in getting their daily dose of mind-blow! (It feels fantastic, I have to admit).

So what are you waiting for? Keep your tongue straight in your mouth, delve into some interesting, important-to-life affair in one of the blog posts, and strew some critique.